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The export of agricultural products and food is globally oriented.
About Us

The Sahra Foods Company started its activities in Turkey in 1963.That has now become one of the leading reputable trader companies in Turkey and worldwide. We are one of the biggest and well known trader companies.

Sahra Foods currently exports many kinds of products such as chicken and red meat, further processed products, and seafood to many countries including Turkish Republics, Middle East countries and African countries.Sahra Foods is an established leader in the global food trade industry, shipping thousands of containers of foodstuffs per year to international Destinations. We specialize in providing quality food products, including beef, poultry, Frozen food, produce and animal feed, to buyers around the 

World. Through our relationship with major global suppliers and international brands, we are able to provide our customers with the highest-level quality products and services.

Mission Vision

The Sahra Foods mission is to provide our customers with a seamless, personalized and efficient connection to the global food marketplace. We meet the exact specifications of our customers, based on their individual needs and request.