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Turkish Hazelnut

Turkish hazelnut is categorised into two in terms of quality, such as Giresun and Levant.

Giresun Quality:

At hazelnuts grown in the entire province of Giresun and fat hazelnuts grown in Besikdüzü, Vakfikebir, Çarsibasi and Akçaabat towns of the province of Trabzon, which are more or less similar to Giresun quality. These are the highest quality hazelnuts in the world. These are the hazelnuts that have the highest level of skin separation among the types in the world.

Levant Quality:

This is the common name given to all hazelnuts that are grown in regions other than the region of Giresun quality hazelnut. Called Levant Akçakoca, Levant Ordu, Levant Trabzon or Levant Samsun depending on the place they are grown, these hazelnuts have a lower level of fat than the Giresun quality hazelnuts but a higher level of fat than those grown in the other countries and a better taste.


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